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Fashion is about so much more than clothes – it’s a multi-billion-dollar, world-wide industry brimming with opportunities for those who have the drive, skills and training. LaSalle College Vancouver’s Fashion programs are globally renowned for setting the standard of innovative and supportive fashion design and marketing education. Our programs were designed to put graduates at the forefront of the industry with real-world skills they’ll use every day.

Jump start your career and begin your creative future in fashion

Studying Fashion at LaSalle College Vancouver will allow you walk away at graduation with designs that not only shine with creativity but also meet the most rigorous industry requirements. In addition to receiving holistic classroom training, LaSalle College Vancouver students are given numerous opportunities to participate in special events, fashion shows, and photo-shoots.

Financing Your Education

LCV has a team in our Student Financial Services department to guide you through financing your education to invest in your future. There are many different types of financial aid for you to explore:

  • Government Student Loans
  • Canada Student Grants
  • Financial institutions
  • Lifelong Learning Plans (LLP)
  • Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP)
  • Scholarships and Bursaries

LaSalle College Vancouver has several scholarships that you can apply for. We award over $600,000 annually to students who qualify.

  • Talent Scholarship
  • Indigenous Scholarship
  • Academic Excellence Award
  • Athletic Scholarship
  • Entrance Scholarship
  • Travel Bursary

Our Programs
Fashion Design Overview

Would you like to be a fashion designer, to work for companies in the fashion, design, communication, and performance industries, or to create your own brand? For students who seek an exciting career in a dynamic business, fashion design offers creative opportunities to transform design concepts into garments and accessories. In your case, clothes don’t just cover you, they define you!

Steeped in a teaching model that goes back to LaSalle College’s roots in Montréal, Canada’s fashion capital, students learn from top industry insiders the skills and training needed to build a successful career in the dynamic world of fashion. Students study the fundamentals of fashion design, including tailoring, flat pattern drafting, draping, textiles and computer pattern drafting.

Professional Profile

Fashion Design Students Can Go On To Become

  • A fashion designer
  • An accessory designer
  • A stylist
  • An art director
  • A fashion coordinator
  • A pattern maker
  • A costume designer
  • A wardrobe/costume stylist
  • A textile designer
  • A production coordinator
  • A fashion illustrator
  • A creative advisor in fashion communication

Industries Where New Fashion Designers Can Start Their Careers

  • Theatre
  • Film & Costume
  • Leather + Footwear
  • Bridal + Couture
  • Bags + Accessories
  • Intimate Apparel/Lingerie
  • Knitwear
  • Freelance
  • Self-Employed Designer/Business Owner
  • Fashion Designing (Women’s Wear, Men’s Wear, Sports Wear, etc.)
  • Textile Design
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Diploma
Program Duration
  • The Bachelor program consists of 180 credits over 12 quarters.
  • The Diploma program consists of 90 credits over 6 quarters.
  • Fashion Marketing Overview

    Do you love fashion and telling compelling stories? The Fashion Marketing program merges creativity with storytelling as it exposes students to fashion from the business side of the industry. In the digital world, fashion marketing experts are more in demand than ever. At LaSalle College Vancouver, students gain cutting-edge strategies to help boost in-store, and online traffic and work with fashion marketing industry standards to analyze consumer behaviour.

    If you can understand a designer’s vision, the importance of a consumer’s need can blend your individual creativity with a keen sales orientation, and ultimately help you sell trends to society. At the end of the day, fashion is about staying ahead of the curve.

    Professional Profile

    Fashion Marketing Students Can Go On To Become

    • A visual merchandise coordinator
    • A fashion planner
    • A fashion buyer
    • A market research analyst
    • An assistant retail sales manager
    • A creative advisor in fashion communication

    Industries Where New Marketers Can Start Their Careers

    • Film Industry
    • Sporting Industry
    • Model Agencies
    • Wedding Industry
    • Retail Industry
    • Fashion Wholesale Industry
    • Diploma
    Program Duration
  • This program consists of 90 credits over 6 quarters.
  • Jewellery Design Overview

    Carve Your Own Path! Students can turn a passion into a creatively rewarding career as they learn to produce an original collection of jewellery. Experienced and passionate teachers guide students through the jewellery design process, from concept to fabrication, including the promotion of their own jewellery business. Students roll up their sleeves and practice the basics of shaping, forming, soldering and finishing metal to bring their vision of wearable art to life.

    Professional Profile

    Jewellery Design Students Can Go On To Become

    • A jewellery designer
    • A jewellery fabricator
    • A jewellery salesperson
    • A jewellery business owner
    • A creative director
    • Diploma
    Program Duration
  • This program consists of 900 hours over 3 semesters.
  • You’re about to