Meet our Professors

Meet our Professors

David Bernstein - Audio Faculty

David Bernstein

A graduate of Berklee College of Music in 1980, David Bernstein formed the electric pop jazz band The David Bernstein Group. With Rob Williams on Guitar, Richard King on Bass, Tom Foster on Drums, David Bernstein on Piano and Vocals, they performed live from 1980-1984 and were featured on many television and radio shows across Canada.

In 1985 David and Rob formed The Source, a 1980’s pop rock band that performed on television and radio and in top clubs across Canada. During 1985-1988, they received national Gold Rotation airplay on some well received records, including “Dangerline” / “Runner” / “Tell Me That You Love Me” and “Close Your Eyes”. In 1988, David struck out on his own under the name “dB Solo” and a year later released the album “The Wish”, which included the singles “You Walk Away” / “The Way It Goes” / “Call To Memphis”.

In 1990, David decided to hang up his ‘recording artist shoes’ and concentrate on writing music for film and television. He formed “dBmusic” and continues to write award winning music for many Canadian productions. He has been recipient of a Gemini Award, Leo Award, Emerald City Award, IABC Award, Telly Award, Silver Birch Award, International Silver Screen Award, Golden Maple Award and ITVA International Golden Reel Award.

In 2004, David discovered a youthful passion in sharing his industry experience with young people. In addition to his writing projects, he currently teaches some industry-related courses at LaSalle College Vancouver.