An experienced designer guides a young student through pattern making in a fashion studio.
An experienced designer guides a young student through pattern making in a fashion studio.

About Us

Welcome to LaSalle College Vancouver

LaSalle College Vancouver has a rich history intertwined with the city.

Our journey began in 2017 with the acquisition of the Art Institute of Vancouver, born in 1979 as the Centre for Digital Imaging and Sound (CDIS). This union expanded to include the International Culinary School, previously known as the Dubrulle International Culinary & Hotel Institute of Vancouver since 2010.

Today, LaSalle College Vancouver is a creative hub dedicated to career-driven education, part of LCI Education. With more than 30 programs, the institution is a place where creativity runs free.

LaSalle College Vancouver's fusion of local expertise and an international network of higher-education institutions aims to democratize high-quality creative and applied arts education worldwide. LaSalle College Vancouver delivers programs with credentials ranging from bachelor’s degrees, diplomas and certificates and has been consistently named the top undergraduate school in Canada for video game design by the Princeton Review.

Why LaSalle College Vancouver?

A focused artisan operates a knitting machine, creating a mustard-yellow fabric.
Impactful Careers Begin at LaSalle College Vancouver

Innovation-driven curriculum. Expert mentorship. Brand-new, purpose-built, state-of-the-art creative environment. Follow your creative curiosity and foster your innovative intuition to design the future. Creative drive? Make it thrive at LaSalle College Vancouver.

LaSalle College Vancouver's Brand-New Campus Opens in 2024!

LaSalle College Vancouver's classrooms, labs, and common spaces put technology, active learning, and inspiring community at the forefront of the learner experience.

A young student in a colorful sweater radiates positivity in the campus hallway.
Join LCI Education's Global Community

Vancouver, Barcelona, Melbourne. Your creative path knows no borders. Exchange programs with other members of the LCI Education global community of higher education institutions let you follow your inspiration around the world. The World is Your Classroom.

Change the Game with LaSalle College Vancouver's Top-Notch Programs

The Princeton Review has ranked LaSalle College Vancouver among the best Game Design Schools in Canada 10+ years running.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide quality, industry-relevant creative arts education.

LaSalle College Vancouver commits to excellence in knowledge and skill development in an innovative and inclusive learning environment that prepares learners for successful careers in the Applied and Media Arts.

Our Core Principles

A dynamic team brainstorming with quirky props.

We care for quality of work and excellence in all our endeavours.

A seasoned chef guides a young cook in the art of plating, combining expertise with fresh talent.

We value inspiration and innovation.

A joyful artist with silver hair in a red sweater stands in her studio surrounded by colorful illustrations.
Mutual Consideration

We champion diversity, placing social and environmental concerns at our mission's core.

A model dons an avant-garde white gown while a designer perfects the intricate pleats, behind-the-scenes of fashion's artistry.

We value taking initiative and calculated risks towards impactful results.

LCI Foundation

Enriching learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom
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Online Learning

Experience the incomparable learning journey of LCI Education fully online!

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LaSalle College Vancouver is designated by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education of British Columbia and is registered with the Ministry of Post-secondary Education and Future Skills. Government funding is available to qualifying full-time learners.

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