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You're about to discover why students choose LaSalle College Vancouver for their studies.

Vancouver’s quickest and most affordable Associate of Arts degree

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LaSalle College Vancouver now offers the quickest and most affordable undergraduate Associate of Arts degree in the private education sector in British Columbia, Canada*.
*Certain conditions apply.

Ranked As #1 Game Design School In Canada For 10 Years In A Row

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LaSalle College Vancouver has been ranked as the best Game Design School in Canada by The Princeton Review. The technology we use in our classrooms, the reputation of our instructors and job placement statistics are all contributing factors for this.

Culturally-Diverse School

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LaSalle College Vancouver’s student population is very diverse with students from across Canada and around the world. This gives you the chance to learn from your instructors in class as well as from your peers. Plus, you’ll naturally develop a global/multicultural perspective.

Improve your language skills with Languages Across Borders (LAB)

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Before starting your future program, improve your language skills at LAB Vancouver, located within LaSalle College Vancouver. It specializes in teaching second languages and helps students to adapt, live and work in a new linguistic environment.

Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration

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All students attend classes on one campus, so you’ll be working with diverse groups in different programs and participating in collaborative learning experiences. This is your opportunity to explore other disciplines and gain experience working in an environment that reflects the actual workplace.

Small Class Size

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With an average size of 15 students per class, this personalized teaching environment promotes student and faculty relationship building. Since our teachers are industry professionals, you’ll get connected with the industry and expand your professional network.

Consecutive Learning Program

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One of the reasons top companies choose to hire directly from our school is because our students get used to studying and working on full projects from start to finish over an entire year. With four quarters per year instead of only two semesters, you can fully develop projects that take months of teamwork to create. As a result of this, you’ll graduate with a finished portfolio and real project experience.

Focus On Long-Term Career Success

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LaSalle College Vancouver programs are designed to meet the needs of the local industries with current technology and skill sets, portfolio preparation and industry networking as a focus. Our Career Services team provides support to students with portfolio development, resume writing and interview skills, industry events, and job placement.

Study Abroad Program - LCI Education

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Why not experience an epic moment in your life by traveling to another country while continuing your studies at one of the LCI Education network campuses? A unique and once in a life-time opportunity!

Being a member of an international network of schools provides students the opportunity to spend one quarter abroad during their Bachelor programs to Montreal, Barcelona or Melbourne.

Skytrain At Our Doorstep

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LaSalle College Vancouver is located just steps from Renfrew SkyTrain station, making the college easily accessible from anywhere in Metro Vancouver. TransLink has three SkyTrain lines connecting throughout Metro Vancouver, so students have a wide range of options on where they can live and yet still easily attend classes at LaSalle College Vancouver.