Meet our alumni

Meet our alumni

Regner Blok-Andersen - Game Art & Design

Regner Blok-Andersen

Original program: Game Art & Design

Alumni Information
School: LaSalle College Vancouver/Dubrulle Culinary Arts
Grad Year: 2009
Program of Study: Game Art & Design
Degree: Diploma

Employment/Professional Information
Company Name: CCP Games
Location: Reykjavik, Iceland
Job Title: Content Designer
Primary Responsibilities: Designing and creating PvE content along with creating new items for players.

Describe a typical work day:

Outside all the meetings I take part in, I generally spend my day working in Word, Excel, or writing some kind of python script, and using various tools such as Photoshop and Illustrator.

What accomplishment(s) are you most proud of?

The thing I am most proud of is that three years after graduating from LaSalle College Vancouver, I am working in my dream job for my dream company. Reaching that milestone so quickly surprised me and really made all the hard work worth it.

What are your creative inspirations or influences? Who are your heroes?

I don’t know if I can name any specific heroes, at least not specific people. I take a lot of inspiration from some specific companies. CCP Games does some insane stuff and their drive to do what others call impossible is why I strived so hard to get my current job. The other company I draw inspiration or influence from would be Valve. If you have not seen their employee handbook, I highly recommend taking a look at it for an idea of how Valve works.

What do you enjoy the most about your career?

The people and companies I have worked with are by far the most enjoyable part of my career. Every job I have had since graduating from LaSalle College Vancouver has been an enjoyable one, and I try to stay in contact with as many of my past co-workers as possible.

How did your education at LaSalle College Vancouver help prepare you for your career?

With how quickly technology changes, the number of different software packages, development techniques, custom tools, and just general amount of different things to learn, the best thing my LaSalle College Vancouver education taught me was the basics of so many different things.

What advice do you have for people beginning their careers in your profession?

Get to know people. Go out to events, gatherings, and just hang out with people. Don’t go to get a job, just go to hang out with people. Get to know them and make friends. Most of the jobs in this industry are filled long before any resumes submitted through a website are even looked at.

Your profession is constantly evolving, from the technology you use to new career opportunities that didn’t exist five years ago. What trends do you see on the horizon that will affect how you do your job or your profession at-large?

This could easily be a novel, or more. I think we will continue to see the transition to fewer AAA game development studios into more small indie studios. This does not mean no AAA, just fewer.