E-learning campus How does it work?

Flexible and user-friendly, online training adapts to your lifestyle

  • Have the freedom to build your schedule, your professional commitments and family obligations around the deadlines set by the program.
  • Say goodbye to transportation costs and traffic jams.
  • Study day, evening, night, when and where you want, whether it be in the comfort of your own home, in your favorite cafe or at your workplace.

A few tips to succeed in your E-learning program

Regardless of your schedule, applying these time management strategies will motivate you to complete your online training:

  • Choose a time of day to do your school work when your energy level is at its highest.
  • Develop a routine and create a work environment conducive to study.
  • Remain focused during your training and avoid any distractions.
  • If you have responsibilities at home or at work that may interfere with your training, speak with the people around you and delegate some responsibilities so you may dedicate quality time for your studies.

The training technology of the future

  • Simple, user-friendly, interactive and secure, all E-learning programs operate on high-performance platforms with striking graphics and rich media content.
  • Review and consult the learning material as many times as you need.
  • Replay virtual classes.
  • Technical and administrative support are available online or by phone.

Evaluating your understanding of the material

Formative evaluations : you will be interacting with pedagogical materials during your viewing of training modules. You will also need to resolve different situations or answer questions related to the material. This is what we call self-training. As you progress through the materials, feedback will be provided allowing you to proceed with the training or review the concepts if needed. Even though these evaluations are not graded, it is very important that you pay close attention and answer them carefully, since all the knowledge you will acquire will help you with your assignments and projects!

Modular evaluations : modular evaluations are strategically set up at the end of each training module. These evaluations concisely summarize the important notions reviewed in the module as well as confirm that you correctly understood all the concepts. These evaluations, albeit formative, will help you evaluate yourself along the way, however, they are not taken into account when determining your final grade.

Assignments and projects : for each course, you will have to complete assignments and a project where instructors will evaluate your ability in applying skills related to the concepts you learned in each of your courses.