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Angel Torrella - Graphic Design Faculty

Angel Torrella

Angel Torrella is a visual artist experienced in Digital Matte Painting, Life Drawing, 3D Digital Rendering, Educational Assessment, Educational Consulting, and Curriculum Assessment, and has two bachelor's degree focused on Painting, Engraving, Drawing, Digital Art, and Graphic Design.

Soon after graduating at San Alejandro Fine Art Academy in Cuba with a major in Drawing and Painting in 1983, Torrella started his career as an art teacher and quickly moved into several positions as Graphic Designer and illustrator for the publishing industry.

Angel is an author and graphic designer for multiple relevant titles published in different fields. Along with his second BFA studies at the Institute Superior of Art, he became Graphic Designer at the University of Art, in Havana Cuba. His interest in art education moved him as faculty for the National School of Arts in Cuba, becoming Academic Director very soon.

Mr. Torrella finished his second BFA at the Institute Superior of Art with the mayor in Engraving and Digital Art, becoming one of the first pioneers in digital art in Latin America in 1989. He worked as a faculty at San Alejandro Fine Art Academy, and was soon promoted to the Vice Principal position, while National Television of Cuba employed him as visual effects expert, environment and set designer, and animator until he moved to Canada in 2004.

Mr. Torrella started teaching at LaSalle College Vancouver in 2006, and in 2010 worked as Academic Coordinator. Currently, he is working in different projects as a digital render artist for different fields in Vancouver, developing curriculum and publishing, while being full-time faculty at LaSalle College Vancouver.