Fashion Design

A focused designer operates a knitting machine, crafting a yellow textile piece, surrounded by a creative studio environment.


Discover the vibrant world of Fashion Design at LaSalle College Vancouver, and be empowered to showcase your visions for the future of fashion on the world stage. Dive into the artistry of fabrics and silhouettes. Craft narratives through designs that balance tradition and contemporary allure. Skillfully create meaningful designs, and make your mark on the Fashion industry.
Next session starts October 7, 2024
3 years (10 quarters, 2312 hours)
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Empower your ambition with our students' success stories. Unlock a career that lives up to your aspirations.

A cheerful man in a black shirt triumphantly raises a bouquet of red flowers, conveying a sense of celebration and joy.
Alumnus Eduardo Ramos debut’s collection “Initia Nova” at London Fashion week and makes waves!
A male model presents eco-conscious attire amid a blend of real and illustrated foliage.
Discover inspiration in sustainable design practices 
A man and a woman posing with an 'Industry Originator Award' at an event.
Nargas Khabazha, industry expert, award-winning instructor and mentor.
A woman in a herringbone blazer and black attire leans on a mannequin, showcasing a juxtaposition of fashion creation and presentation.
From Ecuador to the Frontlines of Fashion 
A young woman with long dark hair, wearing a black turtleneck and a decorated denim jacket, stands confidently in a fashion studio with a mannequin in the background.
“It was an honour to be recognized"
A poised woman with black hair against a black background, wearing a multicolored sequined top.
Sustainable Fashion Design Methodology: Ana's Journey 
A group of young adults sharing a jovial moment on a film set, with one holding a clapperboard.

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