Applied Design in Graphic Design

An artist sketches with vibrant inspiration, surrounded by colorful illustrations.


Design with purpose with a Bachelor of Applied Design in Graphic Design. Graphic Designers are visual storytellers who convey ideas and stir emotions through the power of imagery. Master the arts of design, typography, illustration, and the intricacies of production procedures. Create a professional portfolio and emerge as a graphic design master.
Next session starts October 7, 2024
2.5 years (8 quarters, 1760 hours)
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Empower your ambition with our students' success stories. Unlock a career that lives up to your aspirations.

A smiling woman in a mustard sweater and skirt sits at a desk adorned with colorful art and design paraphernalia.
Award-Winning Alumni Creativity
A woman stands confidently at an event booth, flanked by promotional materials and merchandise.
An exercise in visual communication 
A group of young adults sharing a jovial moment on a film set, with one holding a clapperboard.

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