Hospitality & Restaurant Business Management

A cheerful waiter grinds fresh pepper over a guest's meal, enhancing the dining experience.


Embrace the essence of hospitality and culinary with LaSalle College Vancouver's Diploma in Hospitality & Restaurant Management. Explore the intricacies of service excellence and culinary innovation to curate unforgettable experiences and manage successful dining establishments. Master the mix of passion, precision, and business acumen from kitchen to guest, and reserve your unique place in the world of hospitality.
Next session starts October 7, 2024
12 months (4 quarters, 880 hours)
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A server in a black apron, emblazoned with "LeSalle College Vancouver," pours water into a glass at a fine dining table featuring a dish of pan-seared fish and a side of creamy spread.
Learning to pair exciting flavours with restaurant management
A group of young adults sharing a jovial moment on a film set, with one holding a clapperboard.

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