Professional Recording Arts

A tattooed music producer is focused on mixing tracks in a studio, with a MIDI keyboard and audio equipment surrounding him.


The tools for recording, editing, and delivery of audio are evolving at a rapid pace. Today’s professional audio engineers and producers must constantly stay abreast of current developments in equipment technology and production methods. To do this, they must have a solid foundation in the basic physics of sound and acoustics as well as skills in equipment operation, usage, and design.
Next session starts October 7, 2024
18 months (6 quarters, 1320 hours)
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A tattooed man in an ornate shirt singing into a studio microphone with headphones.
A life of sound and a journey into the studio.
A DJ stands behind a booth with neon lights, entertaining an audience under a night sky.
LaSalle College Vancouver alumni, Robert Oakes, Jia Jun Yeo, and Aaron Gonzalez Ramirez, teamed up to create a standout electronic press kit for Mr. D.J. 
A group of young adults sharing a jovial moment on a film set, with one holding a clapperboard.

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